Antananarivo. February, 1899.
… Some time ago I talked with Father Superior about my asylum and explained that it could not continue that way any more, as it was no good at all (I moved to the asylum in the middle of February 1899 and celebrated the first Holy Mass on the Candlemas Day). The poor creatures live in misery in their huts, until they die. But I wrote Father about ... read more
Antananarivo, February 1899.
[...] We happily sailed to Majunga (Madagascar’s port). In Majunga our captain was ordered to disembark all the passengers to Tamatave, as there was the plague there. Well, I had to disembark with my entire luggage. I had lots of pieces of luggage with me, for Provincial had sent from Toulouse plenty of things for our mission. I thanked God ... read more